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Before starting the Potential to Profit Community, we noticed so many entrepreneurs are still struggling with how to navigate through the overwhelmness of business because of one thing; they lacked guidance. 

We noticed many didn’t have the confidence to start their business idea, hit a wall and lost momentum and couldn’t scale their businesses because they lacked professional guidance to help them get to their goals. 


Many of us have been in this position time and again. But, it’s time to change and bet on yourself!


Finally bringing that idea you’ve always wanted to start to life

Feeling comfortable with taking the next steps because you’re fully educated

Checking off all the goals you wanted to achieve in your business

Learning all the tips, hacks, and strategies from experienced professionals

Adopting new habits that align you with success

Having a team of mentors and experts to guide you every step of the way

Growing and scaling your business to the next level


If You’re Ready To Learn The Levels of’re in the right place!

The Potential to Profit Community will help you break down all your entrepreneurship desires simply and smartly. We’re here to uplift each other as we walk through abundance and success. 

By learning, expanding our knowledge, holding meaningful discussions, and having the right resources at your disposal, you can experience total transformation with the right support!

Joining Our Community, Will Help….

Working Hard
Working SMART!
Feeling Lost
Having a Plan
Frustrations and Errors
Peace and Progress
Fear and Self-doubt
Self-worth and Success

If You’re Ready To Go From Stagnation and a Season of Breakthrough But You Need Experts to Guide You in Every Step of The Way...

We created this community of entrepreneurs for you! 

The Potential to Profit Community is to help you gain guidance to manifest and achieve your business goals. This community is filled with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders who dive deeper into the ways and secrets of succeeding in business ownership. 

We will share specific strategies to bring clarity and guidance to your entrepreneurial journey and help you gain satisfaction in the process. 


Hi, I’m Asia from So Plush Boutique. Katona has been one of the most impactful brand strategist I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s given me amazing advice that I’m absolutely positive with yield through results I’m looking for in my business. It’s really up to me now to take my business seriously and get out there and do the hard work that’s out my comfort zone.

My name is Shakeemah, Working with Katona  has been one of the Greatest experiences of my life. She’s very professional she helps you to truly tap into yourself and she gives you a lot of information. Katona Lives and breathes her work and it shows. She’s amazing if you have a business or just want to start one buildaboss is the perfect place to be.

My name is Ashante. K is absolutely amazing at what she does. Her spirit is amazing and inspiring. From day one, I knew I met the perfect person to revamp my vision. K has been extremely successful with not only empowering me and educating me on trademarking, but also helping to revamp my business logo and website. She is very thorough and her turnaround time is fairly quick. I love her work and plan to continue supporting her as much as I can. 

So, How Does the Potential to Profit Community Work?

The Potential to Profit Community is a community of entrepreneurs that teaches you how to excel in all aspects of business ownership. It empowers you to reach the goal you've been striving towards for years. This community is different from any other groups because we tap into your innermost potential through knowledge as resources to break the barriers that have been holding you back for years.

By joining the community, you’ll:

  • Increase your entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise 

  • Implement a clear vision and a plan to achieve all your business goals 

  • Increase your business and other aspects of your life 

  • Bond and network with like minded individuals  

No more struggling. No more wasting time.

Here is a breakdown of how this program works...

Weekly Live Orientation of All New Members

  • We want to make sure you’re celebrated for taking that first step!

  • There isn’t a better way of getting to know one another than a meet and greet. 

  • Every week, we will schedule a meet and greet where members can interact, receive a proper welcome and get direction from what happens next!

The Engagement: An Active Community! 

What is a community without engagement? This is an interactive community that connects you with members from all over the world!

This includes all things connecting; 

  • Exclusive Member Interviews/Articles 

  • Small Business Virtual Vending Event 

Additional Exclusive Classes 

Do you know those little problems that seem inevitable and really difficult to navigate when running your business? 

Well, the private classes solve precisely that. 

We educate entrepreneurs on the most critical topics that affect our daily entrepreneurial encounters. 

You’ll get:

  • Classes taught by Industry Leaders and SME (subject matter experts) - Ex: Financial Planners to help members with bookkeeping 

We’ve included all the KEY things to ensure you achieve all your entrepreneurial goals and begin a new chapter of your fulfilled business life...

Weekly Classes

Every week, we will have 1-hour classes taught by the best minds in the industry on the different topics surrounding entrepreneurship and life in general.

Worksheets (PDF Downloads) 

Worksheets will help you explore multiple concepts and ideas while keeping you on toes with the most essential list of things to execute in your entrepreneurship journey.


Guides are honestly lifesavers! Through the guides provided, you’ll create clarity, cohesion, and direction for all your entrepreneurship decisions. In other words, you’ll get a visual representation of the different aspects of your entrepreneurship journey. 



Most entrepreneurs have a hard time staying organized. When tasks are coming at you left, right, and center, our checklists will motivate you to stay on top of the important steps of your business.


In entrepreneurship, templates are basic documents in running businesses and keeping our affairs in order. Our templates guarantee repeatability and efficiency in running your business. 

Join The Potential to Profit Community Today! 

Our membership program is offered at ONLY $9.99 per month. This includes all our basic membership offers from pre-recorded video templates, master programs, and access to private community merchandise.

Our community is geared towards one main goal, to help you experience tremendous growth, scaling, and double blessing in your entrepreneurship journey. 


Potential to Profit Community Members Also Get The Following:

Private Accelerator Programs/Master Programs

Our private accelerator programs are offered to everyone but, members are guaranteed a discount. This is just one of the many privileges you’ll enjoy as a Potential to Profit Community member.  

Access to Private Community Merchandise 

Good news, there is also Potential to Profit Community merchandise! As a member of the group, you’ll have exclusive access to high-quality merchandise. No limitations whatsoever.

Are You Ready to Join a Community of Entrepreneurs to Transform Your Life and Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Goals?

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Copy of BE5E88F9-3B28-4507-A8E4-DADF9D641914.jpg

The Potential to Profit Community is a place where entrepreneurs can interact, gain knowledge and grow their business at the same time. The best part is, you can fix your own schedule, set and maintain your own pace. You can start instantly and learn at your own time. No prior experience is required! 

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